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About Us

About Us

Who doesn’t want to rely on a dependable, fully committed appliance repair team in Sunrise, Florida? A professional company that will go all out for you in your hour of need and will not cut corners either? You just found Appliance Repair Team Sunrise FL – the number one company for complete local services.

It’s time to ease your mind and simply hold on to our number. The moment you feel it’s time for some home appliance repair service in Sunrise, just reach out, knowing that your needs will be covered swiftly, in the best manner, at a fair rate. Allow us to tell you a thing or two about all that. You will find them helpful next time you need an appliance service technician in Sunrise.

Quality makes our appliance repair Sunrise team stand out

One of the main reasons for our excellent reputation is the gravity given to all appliance repair Sunrise requests. Not only do we give priority to all requests but also ensure your complete satisfaction. There’s no point in having the oven or the washing machine repaired quickly if the service is not done correctly. With us, you don’t worry about such things. Do you know why?

  •          We always send an experienced, fully licensed appliance technician to offer service.
  •          We know everything there is to know about home appliances, all major units in the kitchen, all types of washers and dryer. And let us assure you. We never rest. Everything new, all industry innovations, the most advanced appliances – we get updated with every little thing.
  •          Due to the variety of appliances, we send techs not only qualified to troubleshoot and fix them but also equipped with the correct spares and diagnostic tools.
  •          We understand the importance of fridges & freezers, the risks when dryers or gas ranges malfunction, the inconvenience of loading the washer and realize it’s broken. And so, not only do we provide appliance repair solutions quickly but in the most efficient way.

Complete home appliance repair services, installation included

You can count on our company for literally any laundry and kitchen appliance service. The job may involve dishwasher troubleshooting and repair. But this may also be an oven maintenance, refrigerator repair, washer installation, microwave tune up – just name it and consider it nearly done.

Never panic! An appliance service technician is just a call away

While excellence defines us, as a home appliance repair company, we also take quick action to serve as quickly as possible. Yes, dealing with sudden stove troubles, witnessing the washer leaking, or having troubles with the fridge is never fun. But you know what? Suffices to make a call to our company to get solutions to your troubles in no time. To get the best in Sunrise appliance repair, service you can really trust. Why don’t you do just that if one of your home appliances is giving you a hard time? Give us a call.

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